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Buy Vietnamese Dong online to secure our best EUR to VND exchange rate at 0% commission. Alternatively, you can get your currency delivered to your home or buy Vietnamese Dong in-store at your nearest Credit Union.

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Buy Vietnamese Dong online to secure our best EUR to VND exchange rate at 0% commission. Alternatively, you can get your currency delivered to your home or buy Vietnamese Dong in-store at your nearest Credit Union.

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How to convert Euro to Vietnamese Dong?

Buying Vietnamese Dong online is easy with Fexco Currency. Simply choose Vietnamese Dong and select either Click & Collect or Home Delivery. Alternatively, you can buy from one of our Credit Unions across Ireland.

Buy Vietnamese Dong online & collect in store

Simply reserve your Vietnamese Dong online and select your local Credit Union location. We will notify you via email/sms when your currency is ready for collection and offer a 2 day Vietnamese Dong exchange rate guarantee from this notification.

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Buy Vietnamese Dong online & get them delivered to your door

Our Home Delivery service is a convenient way to buy your foreign exchange currency. You can order Vietnamese Dong online and we’ll deliver to your front door, dispatched fully insured through An Post registered mail. There is free delivery on orders over €750, and for orders under €750 there is a small delivery charge of €9.95.

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Buy Vietnamese Dong at your local Credit Union

Fexco Currency is the best place to buy Vietnamese Dong as we have a network of Credit Unions located across Ireland making it easier than ever for you to convert Euros to Vietnamese Dong before your trip. Please note that the in-store Credit Union EUR to VND exchange rate may vary to that of our enhanced online rate.


Our best Euro to Vietnamese Dong exchange rate

The exchange rate may differ depending on the day you order your foreign currency. To avail of our best Vietnamese Dong rate and see how much you can get for your euro, use our online currency converter tool or view our latest euro to Vietnamese Dong exchange rate.


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Not only are we committed to offering you a great Vietnamese Dong exchange rate, but we also offer 0% commission on all online orders, leaving you with more Vietnamese Dong in your wallet.

Should I buy Vietnamese Dong now or wait?

To get the best euro to Vietnamese Dong exchange rate, you need to monitor the fx market. By monitoring the EUR to VND exchange rate before your trip, you can buy when the rate is most favourable. By buying your foreign currency in advance, you’ll know the exact rate you are going to get.

Leftover Vietnamese Dong?

Leftover currency from your trip to Vietnam? You can convert Vietnamese Dong to Euro following these simple steps

  1. Gather your leftover notes
  2. Use Click & Sell to secure your VND to EUR exchange rate
  3. Drop into your local Fexco Currency store or partner
  4. Exchange Vietnamese Dong to Euros commission free in-store

Our Vietnamese Dong buy back rate is competitive, so why not put some euros back in your wallet and smile on your face.

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Vietnamese Dong Currency Facts

  • Currency Name: Vietnamese Dong
  • Currency Code: VND
  • Currency Symbol: ₫
  • Banknotes: 100₫, 200₫*, 500₫*, 1,000₫*, 2,000₫*, 5,000₫*, 10,000₫, 20,000₫, 50,000₫, 100,000₫, 200,000₫, 500,000₫ *old issue, but still in circulation

The dong became the official currency of Vietnam in 1978 when North and South Vietnam were reunified. The Vietnamese currency has the distinction of being one of the world’s highest values notes. The notes come in thousands. You might feel like a millionaire with If two 500,000 VND notes in your pocket, but it’s worth just over £30. For first time visitors, it is challenging to getting to grips with all those zeros. Tourists often end up overpaying as a result, it is hard to distinguish the VDN 100,000 bill from the similar looking VND 10,000 bill.

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